Select a Client

This is a list of all clients currently active on the StepMom Server. By clicking on a client, you are acting as that client for the purposes of sending and receiving messages. Each client can send and/or receive a certain type of Messages.

CCAP Statewide Interface Client(CCAP)
CCAP Statewide Testing Interface(CCAPDev)
Dev CCAP Statewide Interface Client(CCAPDev2)
Temp user (also 8.8 eFiling support)(CCAPDev3)
CCAP Enterprise Service Bus Client(CCAPESB)
Test CCAP Enterprise Service Bus Client(CCAPESBDev)
Crime Information Bureau(CIB)
Crime Information Bureau(CIBDev)
Crime Information Bureau(CIBDEV2)
Crime Information Bureau(CIBDEV4)
Milwaukee DA Criminal Justice Infomation System(CJIS)(CJIS)
CJIS Development Queue(CJISDevelop)
DA Interface (incoming msgs - previously BJIS)(DAIT)
DA Interface (outgoing msgs cnty 1 to 39)(DAIT1)
DA Interface (outgoing msgs cnty 40 to 72)(DAIT2)
Dev DA Interface (message response)(DAITDev)
Dane County Client(Dane)
Dane DA( DACourtCalendar Only Interface )(DaneDA)
test county for Juan Gonzalez of CJIS/JIMS(DevCounty40)
Department of Revenue(DOR)
Testing DOR inteface(DORDev)
Department of Transportation(DOT)
Temporary DOT Development Queue(DOT6)
Dept. of Workforce Development(DWD)(DWD)
Enterprise Service Bus Client (DOA)(ESB)
Test Enterprise Service Bus Client (DOA)(ESBDev)
An Example User(example)
Hanis Test User(Hani)
Milwaukee DA Juvenile Infomation Management System(JIMS)(JIMS)
JIMS Development Queue(JIMSDevelop)
Juror Qualification Questionnaire Web Client(JurorQuest)
Kenosha County Client(Kenosha)
Kenosha Test CCAP Client(KenoshaDev)
Kenosha Joint Services Interface(KenoshaJS)
Milwaukee County Client(Milwaukee)
Office of Public Defenders(OPD)(OPD)
Ozaukee County Client(Ozaukee)
Ozaukee Citation Interface(OzaukeeIS)
Ping monitor user(Ping)
Walworth County Client(Walworth)
Walworth County Client - Dev(WalworthDev)
Walworth DA Interface(WalworthIS)
Walworth DA Interface - Dev(WalworthISDev)
Waukesha County Client(Waukesha)
Waukesha County Dev. Client(WaukeshaDev)
Waukesha IJIS(WaukeshaIJIS)
Waukesha IS(WaukeshaIS)